“There can’t be a crisis next week, my Agenda is already full”

                                                     Henry Kissinger
                                         Former U.S. Secretary of State

In our industries, the question is not if a crisis will happen. The question is: When?

Tourism, Passenger Transportation by air/sea/road/rail or Hospitality are industries highly exposed to all sort of Crisis and Emergencies. And they most of the time happen without prior warning. An adequate Contingency Planning, of which Crisis Communication Planning forms a very important part, is absolutely crucial to mitigate the impact.

Due to its very varied and global Portfolio of clients, Sergat was and is involved for over 25 years in supporting its clients in Crisis Communications. The Crisis or Emergency scenarios we experienced and worked on are extremely varied: Incidents, Accidents, Fires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Outbreak of Epidemies, Strikes, Bankruptcy processes/Chapter 11 filing, Fleet groundings, Bomb threats and other terrorism related threats, Loss of confidence, Business interruption, Rumours… – you name it.

Many of our clients, specially the large international companies we have the privilege to serve, are leaders in Crisis Contingency planning and handling and Sergat as an Agency has a mandate to support them in our markets in case of a Contingency, including permanent standby alert service.

Therefore Sergat has a very indepth and thorough understanding, knowledge and experience in Crisis Comms, from preparation to implementation/operation. We therefore are in a position to assist interested entities in their individual Crisis Comms planning and preparations and should it be necessary to support them once the plans need to be activated. On request, the Agency performance can include a 365/24 standby alert service.

Sergat also offers interested parties very practical Crisis Comms Training Seminars and/or Media Training for Spokespersons. The seminars can be implemented for individuals or for groups. Please contact us for information and details via sergat@sergat.com or fill in the contact form on this site.

Emergency 24/7 Phone number for Media only: (+34) 676 37 35 78